Our Investment Principles and Services

We specialize in helping clients build a plan with a big picture perspective. The planning process is designed entirely around our clients' financial circumstances, their near- and long-term goals, and their comfort with investment risk. As a result of this in-depth process, we recommend the appropriate mix of managed investments, paying special attention to the appropriate allocation of invested assets. We then work with clients to help ensure that these investments align with all their other financial considerations.

Our professional experience combines with the skills of other D.A. Davidson professionals in insurance and estate, financial and retirement planning to assist in developing a plan that is truly comprehensive – a wealth management plan designed to meet your long-term financial goals.

The following outlines the typical engagement that our clients experience as we grow their assets and our partnership:

All Clients Receive:

Financial Planning Guide, Risk Assessment, Asset Allocation Recommendations, Annual Reviews, Market Commentary, Savings Plans, Distribution Plans, Quarterly Newsletter, Portfolio Rebalancing, Portfolio Updates, Insurance and 401(k) Review, Online Access, Direct Deposit and Consolidated Statements.

Premier Clients Receive:

For clients that invest over $1.5 million with The Thornton Financial Group, we offer all of the services listed above as well as those below at no additional change:

  • Discovery Agreement: An in-depth document that details your goals, objectives and concerns that we continuously monitor and update.
  • Roadmap: An agenda of quarterly meetings that addresses current issues of the greatest concern to you, meeting notes, action items and more.
  • Detailed Portfolio Updates: A regular customized review of returns on specific positions, comments on asset      allocation changes and recommendations, realized capital gains, required minimum distributions and more.
  • Semi-Annual or Quarterly Meetings: Clients can select the desired frequency of meetings/calls and the specific content they would like to review as part of those discussions.
  • Estate Planning: Coordination with attorney, ongoing review of estate documents, beneficiaries, tax laws, etc.
  • Insurance: Review, revise and/or replace life, disability, annuity and other insurance policies.
  • Forecasts: Detailed forecasts of asset balances showing best, worst and expected case projections of how your  assets might perform over your life expectancy and the likelihood of achieving your goals.
  • Individual Stock Research and Opinion: Customized review of individual stock portfolios with recommendations of securities to buy, sell and hold that meet the investment criteria you select.
  • Year-End Review: Discussion of debt, major expense planning and charitable giving, and realized gains and losses.
  • Coordination with CPA, attorney and other professional advisors.

~ These services are available to clients with under $1.5 million but may carry an additional cost ~

Special Situations: Our highest service model assists high net worth clients, non-profit foundations, endowments and retirement plans with their unique needs. We will provide a menu of services for you to select from that will allow us to tailor a client experience that meets your specific needs.